The complete
brand experience


We start by trying to understand the purpose of a company through research and interviews. We then define the brand and build a strategic foundation that aligns with the overall vision for the company. We examine and organize brand systems, names, and structures, and adjust these as necessary.


Based on our strategy work, we create distinctive brand experiences that can cover every digital and physical point of contact and interaction with a brand. Our contributions keep the brand relevant in a changing world, set the brand apart from competitors, and build the brand’s long-term equity.


We meet the challenge of managing brands globally through human and technological means. Our people drive brand education within a company and among its service providers. Our brand management system, Brand Expert®, simplifies the tracking, sharing, and updating of all brand assets and helps clients improve workflow and master the approval process.


A well-managed brand can be a source of new products and services. We help companies identify new areas to explore and inspire change through innovation. We develop concepts for services, products, and even entire portfolios, and optimize touchpoints for consistently positive brand experiences.